Irish Setter Club of Scotland Rescue Scheme

Rescue Information

The rescue scheme was established to help Irish Setters which for one reason or another require to be placed in a new home.

An Irish Setter coming into the rescue scheme will be signed over by the previous owner, who will have to surrender all rights to the dog and agree to give absolute discretion in the placing of the dog.

All potential new homes are vetted and a dog is placed initially for a probationary period to ensure everything is working well.

No details of previous ownership are released with the dog.

Thankfully not many Irish Setters come through the rescue scheme in any year so potential owners usually have to put their name onto a waiting list.

If you feel you need the assistance of the Rescue Scheme or feel you may be able to offer a secure, loving home to an Irish Setter in Rescue then contact the Rescue Scheme Co-Ordinator